What Will You Create This Year?

Stop Working and Start Creating

I have been working online for over 10 years now and over the past 10 years, I have learned many ways to create additional income from the comfort of my home. The problem is learning how to create additional income online and actually creating additional income are two different things. Most people start an online business or a home based business out of necessity but do not understand what it really takes to create a profitable business. There are a lot of people who also start a Network Marketing Business and also fail. While there are many reasons for failures in the Home-Based Business Arena. I feel the 11 reasons listed below are the main reasons for failure.

11 Reasons You Are Not Creating

  • Lack of Belief in Themselves
  • Not Having a Proper Action Plan
  • Not Having a Block of Time Each Day to Commit to Your Business
  • Not Keeping it Simple and Becoming Overwhelmed
  • Not Staying Consistent
  • Impatience and Unrealistic Goals
  • Self Improvement and Education
  • Being a Know It All
  • Out Dated Marketing Strategies
  • Losing Focus and Following The Shining Object or So Call Better Opportunity
  • Comparing Themselves to Others 4

Creating Your Future Results

Over The Past 10 years, I am somewhat sad to say that I personally have done all of the above and a few more. I feel the main cause of my sporadic results were a personal belief deep down that I was working another job. When I first ventured into the online world it was when my wife Karen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and she could no longer work. My wife was an MRI Tech and was making a nice income. I felt that I needed to start another business that was online to help supplement our income. The problem was I thought that since I have a Real Estate Appraisal Business and had also started several other businesses in my life that starting this online business would be simple. I would say that I failed at several tries to start an online business or Home-Based Business but I now realize that this was the education I needed to succeed. We all have different time frames and skill sets some do not compare yourself to others. Believe in yourself and never give up on creating your Dream. Stay Committed by having a daily mode of operation and have a plan of action. Keep Your business simple so you can stay consistent. Do not set unrealistic goals and stay patient because it takes time to create a profitable business. Strive to become better and become the solution in your business and never stop learning and growing as a person. Do not try to do it all by yourself create a mastermind group or outsource so of your workload. There are many ways that you can market your business online some can be expensive while others are less costly but take time to implement. Learn what strategies work best for you and stay focused on what’s working. The last thing that you will need to learn and understand is that there are many Carnival Barkers on the Internet and the more you try to learn and educate yourself the more distractions you will find. Stay focused for at least one year then you can evaluate your results. I stated earlier that when I first started I thought I was working another job which made the work in this business seem hard to commit to on a daily basis and hard to stay focused on when things were not going my way. I have changed my mindset become awakened and I no longer work at my business I now create my future. I am having so much fun creating and growing my business it has become so much fun to start building an audience and providing solutions. Learn to create, have fun while you are being consistent and you will build a profitable business. Remember You Are Just One Funnel Away. Learn from the Expert Russell Brunson get Experts Secrets

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Quick Start Challenge Creating My Dream Lifestyle

Creating My Dream Lifestyle

I started dreaming again about creating a new business which is a Digital Marketing Business. This dream started over 11 years ago but I let life’s roadblocks get in my way and started and stopped several times. The main reason was I was not really clear on the how and why I really wanted to start my online business. I knew I wanted to make additional income but not being focused and having a real how and why caused me to flounder. The thing is I already have an offline business which is a Real Estate Appraiser in the Baltimore, MD area. I have been appraising real estate for close to 30 years and running my own business for 22 years. I make a very good living appraising real estate but I trade time for dollars. I have been very blessed and fortunate but the challenge and intrigue about creating a Digital Marketing Business and Residual Monthly Income.

The Quick Start Challenge Week Two

The Quick Start Challenge which is being put on by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. The Quick Start Challenge has started me back on the road to dreaming again about creating the online business I started out to create. Dreaming and building the proper foundation is the key to my online business because I am creating my how and why.

Designing My Dream Lifestyle

This week’s Challenge is to Design Your Dream Lifestyle what you want to have in your life and why you want to have these things. Investigate what your Dream lifestyle will cost per month and start designing your new life. Some of the things I would like to be doing and receiving over the next several years through the income created by my Digital Marketing Business. My Goal over the next three months by the end of this year 2018 is to create a $1000 a month residual income. By March of 2019 I will be earning $3000 per month residual income. By June of 2019 I will be making $5000 per month residual income and by the end of 2019 I will be earning $10,000 per month. This will be accomplished by an affiliate commission, Click Funnel affiliate commision and selling products and creating my own programs.

Some of the things I look forward to purchasing and vacations I will be having over the next year to three years.

I will be purchasing a new Toyota Tundra

I will be attending the Funnel Hackers Live Training in Nashville in February of 2019

I will take a well-deserved vacation back to River De Maya

These are just a few of my new dreams that I will be creating and achieving in my Life over the next 15 months. I also have a longer term dream of in the next five years either to purchase or lease a Mobile Home and start traveling the country and see all 50 states

This is my start of having fun creating and designing the life I deserve to achieve while helping other like-minded people create the life and lifestyle they deserve. I will be doing this by investing, learning and teaching the way Dean and Craig have been doing on the Quick Start Challenge.

The Quick Start Challenge Endorsement

Check Out My Youtube Endorsement


After 5 weeks a training that Dean and Craig have presented in a very fluid, simple but impactful challenge. When I say simple I mean an easy to follow a strategy that allows you to progress each week in building an online presence and business. They provide 18 blog video’s for setting up your blog and then proceed to build each week a solid foundation. Each week builds on itself  and by the end of the five-week program you have  the knowledge to step out into the Internet world and  build the business of your dreams. My hat goes off to Dean and Craig and the Quick Start Challenge and If you have a chance to take the challenge I highly endorse the program and training

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What is The Gap?

What is the Gap?

The Gap is the process it takes to learn a new habit or belief such as building a Digital Marketing Business. I started the process 11 years ago of starting an Online Business and over that period of time I got into the gap but let life get in my way of growing and creating the type of business I deserved. As you go through the Gap, you start to turn roadblocks into successes.  What is Average and what is exceptional, 97 percent of the population is average and only 3 percent are living an exceptional life. How does one get to be in the 3 percent and start living an exceptional life?  You need to go through the process by getting into the Gap. Success is not a payoff it is a process of learning new skillsets and changing old thought patterns and habits. The first several years for me starting an Online Business I treated like a hobby and it cost me money. The last two years is really when I started to get out into the Gap and really learning the process where all great secrets are found.  You need to stay in the Gap long enough to develop survival skills. Beliefs will get stronger as you go through the Gap or the process you start to step away from some of the old beliefs that have been handed down generationally. The key is to start developing strong emotional and mental conditioning. Most of your success will be a mental game not much is physical and learning how to change your mental game is the key to your journey through the Gap. The process of going through the Gap is a privilege and a pleasurable instead of painful.  I started to say to myself that the creating my Online Digital Business instead of working on my Online Digital Business.

Making the Gap Fun

Building my Business is no longer a sacrifice it is a privilege because I am now having fun going through the process. The tasks at hand are now pleasurable, they are no longer painful because I  am now relishing my daily action steps.  My self-talk has changed  I no longer tell myself how difficult something is to complete because I now enjoy each step along the way. The journey is worth the price because it is not really a price, it is a privilege.  This process of becoming exceptional is conditioning yourself to become successful.  I have learned that you cannot outperform your own self-image. This is why making your daily action steps a lot of fun and enjoyable makes you feel good about yourself.  There will be many challenges along the way as I have found out by going through the process. I also learned the Building an Online Business or Network Marketing Business is not a get rich quick game.

Why Do People Get Out of the Gap

Most people jump out into the Gap when starting an Online Business or Network Marketing Business but they are not conditioned to be successful.  Why do people quit building an Online Business or Network Marketing Business?  Most people quit before there time because they do not understand the process. This happened to me several times over the past 11 years. I did not understand that small daily action steps compounded over time were the key to building a successful business. I also realized that you need to find something that you enjoy, find a product, service or cause you to believe in and stay focused, and commit to 12 to 18 months of growing and building your business.  If you do this you will stay in the Gap long enough to overcome obstacles and have the privilege of being in the 3 percent living an exceptional life.

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Quick Start Challenge

Quick Start Challenge

Why I started the Quick Start Challenge which is Internet Marketing Training taught by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. My Internet Marketing Journey started back in 2007 and has had some many ups and downs but mostly downs. One of my main issues is staying focused and building the proper foundation to really grow a Digital Marketing Business. I have tried most ways to create an income from the comfort of your home that you can think of and that has been my biggest problem. I have stop and started many times, built a blog only to have it highjacked because I did not properly update. So I started 2018 really wanting to get My Digital Marketing Business off the ground and running using all the knowledge I have learned over the past 11 years. I saw an opportunity to really focus over a 5 week period by doing the Quick Start Challenge. I have a fairly good infostructure or foundation of Social Media Properties, Tools and Systems, it is just time to start laying block by block following a blueprint like your building a house.   Dean and Craig really spelled it out in a simple but very informative  Webinar this past week.

Dean Holland

What is The Quick Start Challenge

Dean and Craig in the first Webinar gave the group a lot of basic information but it was all laid very simple but also very powerful.

  • Success Starts Within
  • TM + EP = Faster Success
  • The State of the Internet
  • Lay Your Foundation
  • Establishing Yourself Online
  • Then They Gave the Group a Challenge

Why Do A Quick Start Challenge

The reason that I am doing the Quick Start Challenge is very simple, I know in order for me to succeed the way I first thought I would back in 2007 is to start over and build from scratch. Dean and Craig provide a well thought out Blueprint and they say “Keep it Simple”. I tend to complicate things at times so Keeping Simple is just the remedy that I need for resurrecting my Dream of Building a profitable Digital Marketing Business.  I learned long ago that people will buy from someone they know, like and trust.  It finally hit me that my blog is my Foundation on the Internet where I can share my thoughts, ideas,  beliefs that people can follow.

How Can A Quick Start Challenge Help

Dean and Craig started off the Webinar by stating Success Starts Within. I have been working on myself for going on 11 years. I have read over 100 books in this period of time just about all on mindset and spiritual growth. They gave some bullet points on what to do over the next 5 week period.

  • Change Yourself and Change Your Life
  • Time to work on Removing Bad Habits
  • Adopt a positive daily routine
  • Listen to correct advice and information
  • Take action every day at least for one hour
  • Make the Sacrifices where needed
  • Commit to doing whatever it takes

There is a lot of Information on Building A Online Business many have not even come close. Dean Holland Is the real deal and I am looking forward to the Challenge over the next 5 Weeks.


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My Internet Marketing Journey

My Internet Market Journey

In October of 2007 I started to research Home to Make Money on the Internet. This all started because there was a downturn in the Real Estate Industry. Real Estate Appraisals started to slow down. My Daughter Corrine just started College at the University of Delaware. My Wife Karen who was diagnosed with Alziemers several years earlier, health started slowly to decline. I knew I could not get a part-time job to help supplement my income because my wife needed my help at home. Karen who had been an MRI tech was no longer working and my business had slowed so our income was much lower than we were accustomed to and our expenses were increasing with Corrine at College. While we had planned for College we did not plan for Karen to be Diagnosed with Alziemers and no longer working.

I thought that creating an income from the Internet would be just the solution I needed. I started reading, learning, purchasing products and information that would give me the knowledge to help me create an additional income stream.  The thing about Internet Marketing is that there are so many ways to create an income that it is easy to get lost and confused and go down a Rabbit Hole. There are so many shiny objects or opportunities that you need to be focused, diligent, determined and in for the long hall. The problem for me was my focus, I have ADD which tends for me to lose focus, not finish a project and move on to something else. My biggest problem was that I became a dabbler I would get involved in several different Internet Marketing Businesses or Programs and make a little money but nowhere near what I wanted to create.  Thinking I could have multiple income streams. The problem with this thinking was that in order to have multiple income streams, you first have to create one income stream that has a system and can be sustained with minimal effort. This was possible because there were people teaching others how to set up a system and create an income stream all you had to do was purchase their product or course.

I tried affiliate marketing, network marketing, blogging, and several other online opportunities but never really made a lot of money in any of these endeavors. I would go to seminars, training’s to meet the experts that were successful in creating an Online Business. I remember in 2009 going down to Dallas to learn how to Conquer The Internet. I was involved in a Network Marketing Business and in a Company called My Lead System Pro (MLSP).   I flew down to Dallas to learn how to grow a business to right way.

This is where my life was changed dramatically and it is not what you may be thinking.  The story usually goes that I came home applied what I learned and started crushing Internet Marketing and was making a Zillion Dollars.   What really happened was when I went to Dallas I was in a bad place mentally. My Wife’s health had really started to change, she needed me to help pretty much 24/7. I was very angry, frustrated, impatient at the time and just upset at where I was in life. I started to listen to a man named Jeffery Combs who was not teaching how to generate leads or make money but how to change your mindset. I was sitting in the last row my arms were crossed, I think I was pissed off at the world. I thought to myself I had heard all this before, think positive, have positive affirmations and just change your mindset. I really did not need this, I have read all the books, Think and Grow Rich, Unlimited Power and many more, but something Jeffery said really caught my attention because I was searching for something, I just was sure what. Jeffery was talking about his life and the anger issues he had with his Father. I uncrossed my arms and He had my full attention because I had unresolved Issues with my Dad. Long story short, I was on a plane within a month heading out to Stockton California for a Breakthrough Event that Jeffery puts on several times a year. I had a major breakthrough at that event. Jeffery helped me resolve my anger issues.

This life-changing event and breakthrough allowed me to have the patience and temperament to properly take care of my Wife at home until she passed away in 2013. While I have not made a whole lot of money over the past 11 years maybe around $5000 to $6000  which is about $500 to $600 a year. The thing is while I have not made a large amount of money, I have used the knowledge I have gained to create funnels and digital assets for my Appraisal Business. I also learned that it takes time to Build and Online Digital Business and you need to have the determination and most of all a proper mindset. So after 11 years of trial and error, loss of focus at times, I am ready to start from scratch and do what I set out to do 11 years ago and Build My Digital Marketing Business.  While many people my age are talking about Retiring, I talking about Refiring my New Enterprise by taking the Quick Start Challenge with Dean Holland and  Craig Crawford. Building the proper foundation by  building my list, growing my audience and Digital Marketing Business

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